Due to COVID-19 we are temporarily only processing orders through our Downtown Los Angeles store. We are open from 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. Delivery is available! Please give us a call at 310-474-7600 or 213-441-7416 or 213-441-7586 or 213-441-7583 for any questions.

Our Services

Digital Blueprints / CAD Plotting

Whether you call it Blueprinting or Plotting, CDR Graphics has you and your construction drawings covered! We use state-of-the-art high speed and high quality OCE machines to provide you and your projects with crisp & clean prints always!

Black & White prints as well as Color prints can be processed on a wide range of media including standard bond, presentation bond, photo base, vellum, Mylar, and many more specialty stocks.

Digital Printing & Copying

With CDR Graphics, your documents are easily processed and printed at one of our Processing Centers using our state-of-the-art digital processing equipment to ensure that we can meet and exceed all of your expectations.

Whether it is simple printing or copying, to collating or inserting, or perhaps even more complex booklets and marketing brochures on specialty selected media; CDR Graphics can accommodate & cater to any requirements.

Scanning & Archiving

CDR Graphics can scan and/or archive all of your documents with ease!

Whether they are large, small, color, or black & white; CDR Graphics can deliver digital files per your specific needs on a wide range of available media; i.e., CD’s, DVD’s, USB Thumb drives, HD’s, or secure web access.

We have integrated some of the most state-of-the-art machines available to be able to help our clients reduce their storage needs, help prevent loss of information with a digital backup, and ultimately giving you full digital access to all of your documents in one place!

MPS – Managed Print Services / FM

CDR Graphics offers Managed Print Services / On-site Services to firms seeking the convenience of having in-house printing equipment and tracking software without the steep up-front capital costs. Included are all of the consumables; i.e., toner, paper, and complete maintenance which are provided and managed by CDR Graphics MPS. Please contact us to discuss our MPS Services in greater detail so that we can tailor the perfect solution unique to your firm.

Benefits: Environmentally friendly printing technology with 100% recycled consumable contents in both pre and post production. Only pay for printing and equipment usage without using your own capital resources.

Integrated accounting software to help capture and receive full reimbursement for all in-house printing and accurate tracking to help eliminate waste and give you better cost control.

CDR Graphics will provide a complete solution to include all of the necessary state-of-the-art machines & tools to help automate your office and increase efficiency by helping you to be able to account for every print, copy or scan by a specific project, client, or user.

CDR Graphics is a green company and will customize or support your company’s sustainable recycling program.

Specification Printing

Here at CDR Graphics, we have numerous on-demand high speed digital printing devices to assist us in processing your specification books and specialty books in either Black & White or Color.

We can process, print, package, deliver, or ship to any destination to meet your deadlines, on-time with every order.

Small Format Solutions

Whether it’s from a hard-copy or a digital file, we offer on-demand digital printing solutions for all of your Small Format Printing needs!

From flyers to brochures, booklets to manuals, specifications or training materials; CDR Graphics has your solution!

Wide Format Solutions

At CDR Graphics we have the capabilities to print COLOR Posters, Construction signage, and promotional campaigns to a wide variety of substrates that are both UV and ECO-friendly.

With our amazing arsenal of state-of-the-art equipment, we can handle all of your wide format printing needs!

Whether your project is black & white Blueprints and Construction Drawings or high resolution COLOR Posters and Presentation boards; CDR Graphics has the perfect solution for you!

Cloud Document Management

Have you ever found yourself looking for specific construction documents or plan sets and becoming very frustrated with not being able to find them easily?

Well say goodbye to that frustration and take advantage of CDR Graphics and our Online Plan Room via our own hosted FTP Server. With CDR Graphics, you can easily store any and all of your Construction Documents, Plans, Blueprints via secure web for easy retrieval from anywhere that you have access to the Internet!

Media Options

Available media for Digital Press

    • 8lb Recyclable Bond
    • 32lb Recyclable Bond
    • 60lb Recyclable Bond
    • 80lb Matte Cover
    • 100lb Matte Cover
    • 129lb Matte Cover
    • 80lb Gloss Text / Cover
    • 100lb Gloss Text / Cover
    • 110lb Gloss Cover
    • 130lb Gloss Cover
    • 100lb Silk Cover
    • 110lb Silk Cover
    • 130lb Silk Cover

    Available media for Inkjet

    • Photo Base Glossy paper
    • Photo Base Satin paper
    • 24lb Recyclable Bond paper
    • 34lb Recyclable Bond paper
    • Smooth Gloss Vinyl
    • Smooth Matte Vinyl
    • Sticker Vinyl
    • Fine Art Canvas
    • Backlit Film
    • Clear Film
    • Blockout Poly
    • Permanent or Removable Adhesive
    • Mesh Banner
    • Presentation Board

    Small Format Bindery / Finishing

    • Comb Bind
    • Velo Bind
    • Plastic Coil Bind
    • Wire-O Bind
    • Acco Bind
    • Spiral Bind
    • Perfect Bind
    • Chicago Screw Post
    • Custom Tabs
    • Mylar Tabs
    • Clear Cover
    • Laminated Covers & Backs
    • Card Stock Backing
    • Black Vinyl Backing
    • Scoring
    • Folding / Trimming
    • Perforation
    • Saddle Stitching
    • Tab Cutting
    • Inserting / Collating
    • Padding / Gluing

    Fine Art & High Resolution COLOR Printing

    At CDR Graphics, we take a whole lot of pride when processing all of our COLOR printing and offer a wide variety of options for your Fine Art & High Resolution Color Presentations.

    Over the years we have helped reproduce extremely vivid COLOR Posters and marketing materials for Specialty Architecture clients and the Movie & Entertainment industries as well as having reproduced stunning Fine Art images onto Canvas and other presentation media for some of our other clients.

    With our state-of-the-art printers and the fact that we print all COLOR work in-house, CDR Graphics has the capabilities to print up to 2400dpi resolution and can reproduce the most visually stunning prints fine art prints for all of your projects with very fast turn-around times as well!

    COLOR Graphics Finishing Solutions

    • Foam Core
    • GatorBoard
    • Sintra PVC Board
    • Coroplast
    • Easelbacks
    • Encapsulated Lamination
    • Booth & Display Lamination
    • Specialty Stands & Hangers
    • Velcro / Magnetic Strips
    • Grommets

    Posters / Presentation Boards

    At CDR Graphics, we know how important your presentations are and with using our team, we can help provide you with the very best Posters and Presentation boards to help get your message appreciated!

    Over the years we have helped reproduce thousands of high resolution Posters for the Movie and Entertainment industry as well as extremely vivid Presentation Boards for design competitions and exhibits!

    Professional Marketing Materials

    With any business model your marketing is a top priority and with using our team at CDR Graphics, we can help provide you with a wide range of Professional Marketing Materials to help promote you and your business effectively!

    Using any of our state-of-the-art high speed and high resolution digital presses and printing equipment, we can reproduce extremely high quality brochures, booklets, flyers, and much more with extremely fast turn-around times!

    Trade Shows & Events

    Let our professional team assist you in creating the perfect presentation for any Trade Show or Special Event that you may have! From display graphics and banners to vivid flyers and exhibits, let our trained technicians help and assist you to achieve the perfect presentation always!

    Job-Site Signage / Banners / Retail

    CDR Graphics can help you to communicate your message very effectively with our wide range of sign materials and our years of experience with signage. We use UV and eco-friendly solvents that can be used on any signage, whether it’s placed outside in the sunlight or inside under artificial lighting. 

    Our team at CDR Graphics can help you to get the perfect signage for any environment!

    Mounting / Laminating

    Here at CDR Graphics, we offer complete finishing services that include Mounting, Laminating, or full Encapsulation of your projects and can perform these services on a wide variety of substrates including; Foam Core, GatorBoard, Sintra PVC Board, Coroplast, and many more!

    With our 20+ years of hands-on experience and know-how with Printing / Plotting / Scanning / Reprographics, CDR Graphics can provide you with the perfect presentation every time!

    Custom Packing & Shipping

    Whether you need it now, tomorrow, or next week; CDR Graphics will assist you with any request for custom packing and rapid shipping to anywhere you desire from all of our locations!

    We can ship any of your projects using your own shipping account number or we can provide additional shipping options for you!

    Here at CDR Graphics, we employ our own drivers to ensure that we are supporting all of our clients’ needs for extremely fast and efficient turn-around times on all of your projects!